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How to Strengthen Your Faith

Faith sometimes feels stale around the holidays. You’ve completed a Bible reading plan, you’ve read your devotional book twice, you’ve done three Bible studies – now what? The answer to that question may be simpler than you think. You have several options.


Send a Gift


Send a  note of encouragement to someone who needs it. That could be a lonely neighbor, a friend who just got married, or a family member going through tough financial times. Along with the card, you can send a small gift, such as a gift card to a popular store or a homemade gift. If you’ve been struggling to forgive someone, consider sending a card that expresses your desire for a new start this year.


Break in a New Bible


Using a new Bible translation makes familiar Scriptures come alive again. If you’ve relied on the Contemporary English Version (CEV) or Message Bible, try a translation like New King James or New International to ease yourself into more traditional language. Devotional Bibles and Bibles that deal with certain topics, such as apologetics, can add new dimensions to your study.


Visit Friends’ Churches


Ideally, you should have a home church, but visiting other churches can be an educational and faith-building experience. Find doctrinally sound churches in your area and visit them with friends or family. Journal about what you find to be the same, what’s different, and what you learned.


Take on a Faith Challenge


Have you always wanted to memorize Scripture but never gotten around to it? Have you tried to read the whole Bible but always given up? This year is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. Ask friends or family to hold you accountable.

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