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Is a Christian School or University Best for Your Child?

Deciding where to send your child to school as a Christian family can be difficult – Christian or secular? Many Christian parents assume a Christian school will benefit their children the most. Truth is, your child may or may not thrive in a Christian school environment. God holds you accountable for the faith of your children, but this may not mean you must send them to a Christian school.


What the Bible Says About Education


The Bible presents many compelling reasons to give your child a Christian education or push your college-age child toward a religious university. Many Christians follow the school of thought that it is not right to divide things into “secular” and “sacred” when God is the Lord of all. A secular school may not be the right choice for your child, especially if it is a negative Christian environment.


The home, church, and school shape a child. When all three institutions guide the child in the same direction – toward Christ’s light – it may serve the child best. Indeed, Deuteronomy 6 tells parents they should provide a “godly education” in all they do. Yet sending your child to a Christian school is not the only way to guide him or her to Christ’s light.


Do What is Best for Your Child


God commands parents to teach children His word. It is not going against God to send your child to a secular school and nourish his or her soul in other ways, such as Bible study, Sunday school, or daily devotionals. Plenty of Christian students thrive in secular environments. You know your child better than anyone. Send your child to the type of school you believe will provide the healthiest education, success, and spirituality.

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