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Living and Sharing Faith With an Unbelieving Spouse

The Bible says not to be unequally yoked, but many marriages have one Christian and one non-Christian partner. If you’re the believer in such a pairing, it can be frustrating and saddening, but there’s hope for your marriage. There are gracious ways to share your faith with an unbelieving spouse.

Take the Initiative

Do what you can to strengthen your marriage. Romance your husband, offer physical affection, do activities together, or make his favorite meals. Don’t argue about religion or philosophy; ask him what he thinks and why. Listen more than you talk. In your husband’s mind, he probably has a good reason for rejecting God. The more you know, the more effective your sharing will be. Additionally, romancing your husband will assure him you don’t think less of him for being a non-Christian.

Don’t Try to Save Him

It is not your job to convert an unbelieving husband. As Paul said, “I planted the seed … but God gave the harvest.” If you’ve shared your faith and he doesn’t make a decision for Christ, don’t despair. Share your faith gradually, don’t dump all the details of your testimony in one conversation. Pray diligently, not only for your husband’s faith, for but every aspect of his life.

Respect Him

Many saved women stop respecting their unbelieving husbands. They use his lack of faith as an excuse to tear him down. Tempting though it may be, don’t do this. Show your husband as much respect as you can. If he becomes abusive, you can and should flee. Outside of abuse, though, show Biblical submission. Treat him as a leader and partner. As you respect him, he’ll respect you.

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