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Losing Weight As You Age

It’s no secret that the United States has a weight problem. In fact, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, “An estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight.”

Excess weight can cause a multitude of health problems because it puts a strain on every system in the human body!

However, you already know that losing weight isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. In fact, it is not even as easy as it used to be! That is because as we age, our metabolism, or the system that converts food into energy, slows down significantly.

Understand Your Body’s Needs

As you prepare to lose weight or start exercising, know what kinds of exercise is right for your body. For example, if you have arthritis, try doing some water aerobics as the water removes pressure from your joints.

Make sure you know how many calories you need in a day and make sure that you’re eating plenty of super foods, the right kind of fat, and reducing things like sugar and carbohydrates. You might have been able to eat whatever you wanted as a child or teen, but your body’s needs have changed significantly since that time.

Know Your BMI

Not sure if you even need to lose weight? Simply add your height and weight into this calculator and learn what your BMI is and what that means for your health.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have extreme difficulty losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it could be time to talk to your doctor. It is possible that you have a medical condition that is making it more difficult to lose weight. Hormonal issues, illness, even vitamin deficiencies can make losing weight difficult for any person, but can make it even more difficult as you age.

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