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Should I Be Tipping My Hairdresser?

Tipping: it can be a sensitive subject! If you’re not doing it (or not enough of it), you might feel like a cheapskate, but if you are, you might be wondering if you’re over paying. Here’s a list of what’s standard in several industries and why it’s important to tip those who serve you as a Christian.

Standard Tipping Rates

For a more complete list of people who you should consider tipping, read this Lifehacker list. But for a shorter list, here are a few people you should be tipping if you’re not already:

  • Hairdresser – 15%
  • Waiter/Waitress – 15-20%
    • 10% at a buffet
  • Delivery person (for food delivery) – 15%
  • Carry out person at a restaurant – 5-10%
  • Supermarket bagger – $1 if they take your groceries to the car
  • Movers/furniture delivery person – $5 to $25 depending on length/difficulty of job
  • Tow truck – $5
  • Valet – $1 for getting your car, more for moving luggage for you
  • Concierge – $5 if they go above and beyond to get you in to something special
  • Hotel maid – $1-5

Why is Tipping Important for Christians?

Giving someone a tip is a way of saying ‘thank you for your service.’ Often people in service jobs are not making very much money and by giving (or not giving) them a tip, you’re possibly making a very big difference in their daily take-home pay.

Particularly if you’re going to be praying, talking about the Lord, or doing anything in the name of Jesus in front of this person, show them that you, as a Christian, care about them and the people they financially support by giving them the pay they deserve. Nothing is worse to a waiter than working hard to give you a great experience at a restaurant and then receiving a Bible track or a dollar or two instead of what they earned.

If you can’t afford to tip, you might want to reconsider choosing a place that requires someone provide a service to you.

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