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Prayers to Pray for Your Husband


If you’re married, do you pray for your spouse regularly? Ladies, how do you pray for your husband? Sometimes between all of the stresses and strains that life puts on you, it’s difficult to remember to pray for your husband, but it’s so important that you both pray for each other in specific ways.

Here’s a short list of ways that you can pray for your husband today. We’d also love to learn how you pray for your husband by leaving your thoughts in the comments!

Pray for Your Husband’s Heart

Men are much more tender than they tend to let on. They may have been shamed out of being allowed to express or even process their own feelings, which makes dealing with even small things extremely difficult. Pray for God to protect his heart and for your husband to work through his feelings in a healthy way rather than to turn to things that pull him away from God and away from you.

Pray for Your Husband’s Growth

We live in a world where things are changing and many men are starting to feel fearful or are struggling to keep up. Pray for your husband’s growth in this area. Pray that he would be open to new ideas, actions, and thoughts while keeping his feet firmly grounded in the Word of God.

Pray for Your Husband’s Walk with the Lord

Even though seeking our hearts’ is God’s highest priority, ask that God would help soften and remind your husband of this at all times.

Pray for Your Husband’s Friends and Coworkers

Just as important as praying for your husband is praying for the people who surround him. Pray that they lift him up or that God will protect his heart and embolden him if they do not. Pray that he would surround himself with Godly people.

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