Family Relationships

Providing Guidance to Newly Married Couples

Our loved ones grow up fast. Before you know it, the small children in your life are becoming adults. As they are preparing for their wedding day, it is important to help. Today’s society is full of negativity, leading young adults to believe their marriage may not work. Guidance from God’s principles will help a marriage last a lifetime. Here are some tips to help your children or young loved ones thrive in their new Christian marriage:

  1. Share in Your Faith

One of the best ways to connect is reading the Bible together and sharing your thoughts on faith. You may have had individual rituals that incorporated your faith into your life. Now it is time to build new ones together and develop as a Christian couple.

  1. Work as a Team

You are not relying on one another to grow and succeed. If you are working as individuals, you wont reach your true potential. Communicating with one another is key to working as a team. Always share how you are feeling and help each other develop. This communication will allow you to be on the same page.

  1. Don’t Hold a Grudge

There will come a time when you disagree on something. These times can be stressful to overcome in a new marriage. We have a choice to be angry about something and let it overcome us, or communicate about it and work together to solve the problem. The choice is up to you, but your marriage will be grateful if you work out the problem right away and don’t hold a grudge against one another.

  1. Be Open and Become One

Entering a new marriage can be a time of vulnerability. You are now going to share parts of yourself that you have never shared before. Becoming one with your spouse is more than just sex. It involves showing the deepest parts of you to someone else, and accepting theirs.

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