Secular Music That Is Okay for Kids

Christian families have differing opinions on secular music. Some families permit certain genres or artists in their homes while others eschew secular entertainment completely. In today’s post we are not recommending particular artists or albums. Instead, we have chosen some secular songs you can feel good about putting on your kid’s iPod.

  • “All-American Girl” (Carrie Underwood). This was one of Underwood’s first hits after she won the first season of American Idol. The country song tells the story of a dad’s tender relationship with his daughter and the blossoming love between the daughter and her husband.
  • “Stronger” (Kelly Clarkson). Another hit from an American Idol winner, this pop tune encourages listeners to embrace difficult circumstances and situations because they can make you stronger and make you “stand a little taller.”
  • “Happy” (Pharrell Williams). Who does not want to feel like a room without a roof every once in a while? This peppy song is a great dance number and refreshingly clean. The beat will stick in your head for days.
  • “All You Need is Love” (The Beatles). While some of this 60s band’s lyrics are controversial, their albums do have plenty of clean options, including this one and others like “Penny Lane” and “Yellow Submarine.” You can introduce older kids to tunes like “Help,” which have slightly more mature themes.
  • “Defying Gravity” (The Wicked soundtrack). In this triumphant ballad, protagonist Elphaba sings about overcoming limitations and reaching her dreams. It has similar themes to Frozen’s “Let It Go” and are both performed by Idina Menzel.

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