Staying Connected With Your Children

When you’re raising your children, you probably couldn’t imagine a time when they wouldn’t need you. Now that your kids are off to college and living their own lives, you’re looking for ways to stay connected. The family bond can withstand anything, but if you want ideas for keeping that bond stronger than ever, here are our top three tips.

Use Mobile Communication

Odds are your children have multiple ways to get in touch using technology. As most people’s preferred method of communication, you’d be wise to stay on top of developing mobile trends and use them to interact with your kids. Connect via social media platforms like Facebook, or simply shoot them a text when you’re thinking about them. They’ll appreciate the effort.

Plan a Monthly Dinner

If your children aren’t too far away to make a monthly scheduled dinner, it can be a great way to stay connected with one another. The dinner table is the perfect environment for sharing, catching up, and having real face-to-face quality time. Pick the same day every month, and designate it as a mandatory family night. They’ll appreciate a home-cooked meal.

Try Skype or FaceTime

Video chat tools can work wonders in keeping your bond close with your children. Most smartphones come equipped with FaceTime, so video conferencing is as easy as the push of a button. Video chatting is the perfect in-between communication: while it may not be the hug you want, it gives you a chance to see the smiling face you’re missing.

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