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Talking to Your Kids About Jesus

As a believer and a parent, there is probably nothing more important to you than sharing the eternal love of Christ with your child. You know that the love of Jesus has changed your life and you hope that that same change will be there

Consider His or Her Stage of Development

The conversations you have about Jesus with your child will vary in depth as your child ages. As a young child it might be a good idea to tell them, “Do you know why we go to church on Sundays? It’s because we love Jesus! God made all of us and he loves us very much!” Repeating this message to a young child will be instrumental in helping them understand who God is.

However, as your child ages, his or her understanding of Jesus will develop and change. Encourage them to ask questions and to honestly seek the Lord. If they feel pressured to follow Jesus by you, they may not build an authentic relationship with the Lord and will walk away from their faith as soon as they leave your home.

Talk to the Children’s minister or your pastor about what is an age-appropriate way to talk to your kids about Jesus if you’re unsure.

Practice Forgiveness & Godly Living

Many times, adults who walk away from God are those who have been hurt by their parents–the people who are supposed to demonstrate God’s love. Make sure that you’re practicing what you preach in your home. Don’t hold onto anger, admit when you make a mistake, love unconditionally, and always, always forgive.

Understand that Children Need to Personally Experience Jesus

Allow your kids to experience Jesus on a personal level. While you can encourage them to pray in good times and bad, take them to church, and serve as a positive example, unless they have a personal relationship with the Lord, it doesn’t matter what you say or do. In fact, if you put pressure on your kids to believe one thing, they may rebel against it if they do not truly believe in their hearts. Encourage authentic and open conversations about Jesus. Be okay with not knowing answers and follow up when you’ve done some research or talked to your pastor.

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