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Three Ways to Reach Young People

As each generation progresses, todays young people seem to grow more and more cynical of the faith. Some critics say this is because of our growing use of technology. As we spend more time on our computer or phones, flipping through social media, our minds can be filled with negativity and hate. This negativity can make it difficult to guide young people to the faith.


How Do We Change Their Minds?

We have not been very successful at reaching young people and bringing them back into the faith. Here are some new ideas to help bring God back into the lives of those who are otherwise not impressed by the church.

Focus on Wonder

Most young people today report leaving the church because of issues brought up by their actions. Some people view the church and Scripture as a set of strict rules that don’t allow anyone to have any fun. Instead of focusing on the physical aspects of the faith, we should focus on making them wonder again. Find ways to make the young people in your community be in awe of God and his works.

Show Them the Community

Young people who have left the church, or who were never exposed to it, may see it as too structured. The requirement of going to church every Sunday, or being held accountable for sins can be daunting. Show the young people more about the sense of community and the relationships that you have built thanks to the church. This type of community is hard to find in todays society and can be appealing.
Reach Them on Their Terms

The Scripture is not going to change, but we can change the way we present it. In today’s society we spend majority of our time on the internet. You can certainly gain someone’s interest by sharing a well thought out        article about a Bible verse, or a story of something great that happened in your community. Bringing the information to their level can be eye opening.

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