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Want to Live a Healthier Life? Watch Your Sugar Intake

Christ calls upon us to take better care of our bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to create a healthier diet is to cut out extra sugars. In moderation, naturally occurring sugars can be beneficial for our bodies. Added sugars can cause a lot of health problems and are harmful to your body.

How Does Sugar Affect Us?

Added sugars are put into foods to make them taste better. All they offer is more calories and no nutritional value. Eating too much sugar can overload your liver, causing diabetes. Consuming too much sugar has also been linked to cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown that too much sugar can lead to some cancers. Eating sugar in excess is contributing towards the obesity epidemic.

How to Cut Your Sugar Intake

Reducing the amount of sugar you consume is essential. You will be at less risk for diseases. You are also going to have more energy and feel better, giving you more time to focus on Christ. Here are some simple tips to limit the amount of sugar in your diet.

Read all the Labels
Sugar is often snuck into food items where we would least expect. Pay closer attention to the food labels and check the amount of sugar in the food.

Watch Out for What it is Called

After you spend some time reading labels, you will get a better idea of the other names sugar is hiding under. Anything involving the word syrup or words ending in “–ose” typically contain sugar.

Cut the Sugar Slowly

The hardest way to cut sugar from your diet is to do it all at once. Your body is used to the amount of sugar you consume. Slowly start to remove added sugars until you are on your way to a healthier life.

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