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What the Bible Says About Healthy Eating

Christ calls upon us to take care of our bodies and we have a responsibility to do so. The Bible offers some healthy eating advice and can give us guidance to lead a healthy lifestyle. It offers us nutritional principles both by command and example.

Why Should We Be Healthy?

God is calling upon us to do his work. In order for us to be successful we need to be in good health. A healthy diet can help us keep our immune system healthy and protect us from harmful disease. Maintaining a healthy diet can also help to reduce your risk of obesity.

How Can the Bible Help?

The Bible refers to certain meats as “unclean.” By calling them unclean, God is asking us to avoid eating them. These meats include pork and shellfish. The reason this is intended is because these meats are generally not healthy for us, and God only wants us putting what foods are best into our bodies.

Instead, the Bible asks us to eat a balance of clean meats. God created these clean meats for us to consume. They include red meat, such as beef or lamb, poultry, and fish. Red meat should be eaten in moderation and instead your diet can be supplemented with the other meats.

The Bible also recommends we do not eat any animal fat or blood. Science has shown fat consumption has a direct correlation with heart disease. In order to maintain the best health to complete God’s work, fatty foods should be avoided.

Whole grains are recommended by the Bible. Breads made from wheat, barley, or millet were staple foods when the Bible was written. It is recommended to eat six or more servings of these grains a day. They are nutritious and can give your body the fibers it needs.

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