What to Do When Your Child Is Being Bullied

We’ve all met a school bully at least once in our lives. Back when we were growing up, it was probably the biggest boy or girl in class who beat kids up or the smart-mouthed meanie who made classmates feel bad about their clothes. These stereotypes still exist, but they’ve also taken on new faces. For example, your kids may be teased on social media. No matter what kind of bully your child is facing, though, he or she can learn to handle that person and come away confidently.

React Calmly

Teach your child never to retaliate in anger or with physical force. Instead, he or she should look the bully in the eye and say something like “Leave me alone” or “Stop!” If the bullying persists, your child should walk away and get help from an adult.

Safety in Numbers

Bullies like to target kids who are alone. If this is happening to your child, teach him or her to stick with friends. Your youngster’s friends can watch his or her back in vulnerable places like the cafeteria or hallway, and your child can do the same.

Boost Self-Esteem

Adolescents may start to believe bullies are right in what they say. Reassure your kids that they’re wonderful people with good traits. Emphasize the bullying isn’t your child’s fault; people often bully because someone was mean to them or because they’re scared or jealous.

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