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3 Ways You Can Share Fellowship With Millennials

If you are like most adult Christians, you may feel a little confused about the attitudes and interests of Millennials. The world they’ve grown up in is vastly different to the environment of older generations, and it can be nearly impossible to relate. We need to reach out to them as much as possible, though, because community is one of the most important parts of an active Christian culture. Plus, many of us have children or grandchildren that fall into the Millennial category, so it’s a bit more personal.

How Millennials Like to Interact

You have to understand the types of interactions Millennials like if you want to bridge the generation gap. There are things they consistently like and dislike. Following the trends can help you offer interaction that’s more comfortable for them. Their favorite experiences are:

  • Online. Millennials like the no-pressure environment that comes from shopping online, and you can translate that into your church, too. They’ll love it when they’re able to access useful information, like a calendar or service times, from their computer or smartphone.
  • Quick and efficient. Millennials have been raised with instant gratification. They want messages and worship to be more streamlined and effective. Messages directed at them should be concise and powerful – not full of filler.
  • Comfortable. Most people in this generation don’t like to talk on the phone or deal with awkward conversations. If you want them to be comfortable, always be friendly without being pushy. Start small and work your way into longer chats.

If we can learn to embrace each other’s differences, we’ll be able to cross the generation gap easier than before and share the glory of God.

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