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5 Ways to Make Bible Study Fun for Your Kids

Studying the Good Book can be a fulfilling exercise for adults – we can immediately see how the lessons apply to our lives. With kids, Bible study is sometimes just studying, which they get plenty of in school. They might be less than enthusiastic about the prospect of more learning at home.

Keeping children involved in Scripture during their study will help them retain information better and become more passionate about building a relationship with God. Making Bible study fun is easier than you might think.

  1. Begin with a game. Starting with entertainment helps break the ice and grab their attention. It’s not necessary for the game to directly relate to the study topic, but linking the two can make the lesson more seamless and immersive.
  2. Have a relaxed environment. Children will pay more attention when they’re comfortable. Soft chairs or bean bags are a great idea. The room itself should be inviting and fun, but not too distracting.
  3. Give them snacks. Kids can’t listen if they’re focused on their growling stomach. Offering light snacks, like apple slices and juice boxes, will make them happy and gain their attention.
  4. Get the children involved. Pick a short and simple passage they’ll be able to understand. Instead of reading it yourself, ask for a volunteer (or have the child do it if you’re one-on-one). They’re more likely to listen if a classmate does the talking.
  5. Discuss and ask questions. Bible study isn’t just a lecture. Ask kids to offer their own opinions and feedback – you may be surprised by what you hear.

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