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A Profile of the Millennial Christian

For many of us older Christians, our faith is a source of comfort and community. It’s something we’ve always had, and many of our closest friends share the experience. In truth, we take it for granted sometimes. Millennials don’t have the same experience. Their Christian journeys are a struggle in many cases. Understanding their problems is key to reaching them for God.

The Double Life

We’ve heard about spies having to lead double lives, but Millennials actually face similar feelings. Many of them love their relationship with Christ, but have friends that don’t. They worry a mention of church or a Christian song on their playlist might cause an argument or end the friendship entirely. They’re afraid to be unfairly judged on their faith and become social outcasts.

They also have to contend with judgement from their Christian friends about secular interests. Again, they’re at risk of losing friends over entertainment choices, like their favorite TV show or band. Clothing and style choices, like dyed hair, could be enough for some churches to shun them entirely.

It’s a thin line to walk, and Millennials could get hurt either way. The entire society has changed. Social media is probably their primary contact with other people. Posting secular things could earn chastisement, while Christian statuses might cause them to lose online friends. They want to fit in with others while still remaining faithful to God.

We have to be considerate of these feelings when dealing with Millennials. We should be accepting of their secular choices (so long as they’re not harmful) and give them less to worry about. Remember that Jesus loves unconditionally and we should, too.

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