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4 Ways to Make Car Trips Easier

Most families like the idea of a road trip, but in reality, a long car ride can get boring fast. Kids especially have a tough time sitting still and behaving after hours in the car. If you travel frequently or are considering a big trip, our tips can make travel better for everyone.

Make Sure Your Kids Have Favorite Things

Each child should have a small bag with favorite books, toys, or games (if your kid prefers digital reading, a Kindle or Nook is fine). If your kid has an iPod or will be using yours, make sure there are plenty of fun, age-appropriate songs and games on it; the same goes for a tablet or phone. Load educational games so your kids can learn on the ride.

Get in the Back

Traditionally, parents sit in the front on a road trip while kids are in back. This is the safest thing to do, but kids can get cramped and squirrely back there. Experts recommend that one parent ride in the backseat part of the time. You can play games or just chat with your child to break up the boredom.

Time It Well

Your estimated arrival time should be flexible, especially if you’re traveling with babies or toddlers. Toddlers often need to stop again 20 minutes after eating for a bathroom break.

Pack Snacks

Kids need to snack and keep hydrated, so have healthy options. Carry a cooler for water or low-sugar juices, fruit, and yogurt. Raw vegetables, crackers, and trail mix are also good choices.

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