Benefits of Getting a Pet

As time passes, most families spread out and decrease the amount of time spent together. Leaving home is a natural part of growing up, but it can leave us feeling lonely. If you have empty-nest syndrome or other simply want companionship, consider getting an affectionate, lovable pet.

Fighting Depression

If a sudden life or relationship change has left you feeling lonely, a pet is a great way to boost your attitude. Adopting an animal can give your life meaning (ever seen the “Who saved who?” bumper stickers?) and make you feel needed again. There are thousands of animals who need loving homes and thousands of people who need companions. Adopting a pet can help you fight depression and satisfy your need for a loving relationship.

Offering Companionship

Pets are always there for you. They have permanent availability and are more than happy to spend time with you. If you buy a small dog, you can even bring it with you to other places. Dogs in particular offer a special sense of companionship and can fill a void in your life left by a broken or ended relationship.

Staying Involved

If you’ve recently retired, moved to a new community, or have another reason for feeling isolated, buying a pet helps you stay connected with other people. Between vet visits, online pet forums, grooming, and picking up pet food at the local grocery store, you’ll have a reason to go out and mingle with others. It can also help you connect with other pet-owners and make new friends.

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