Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about spiritual gifts. He explains the Holy Spirit gives each Christian these gifts, but that they’re different according to the person. Paul also says these gifts are to be used for the “common good”: to glorify God, edify believers, and help and encourage all people. This sounds wonderful, but some Christians come away from confused. They don’t know what their spiritual gifts are or how to find and apply them. If this describes you, use these tips to help discover your gifts:


God, through the Holy Spirit, is the distributor of spiritual gifts. He’s also the Maker and Father of us all, so he knows us better than anyone—even ourselves. More than anyone, He knows what our spiritual gifts are. If you’re unsure of yours, go to a quiet place and seek His answers. You probably won’t hear an audible voice, but a gentle settling in your spirit may occur. It may help to read through the spiritual gifts passage while praying or meditating to see which speak to you.


Even if they don’t know their specific gifts for certain, most Christians have an idea of what theirs are. For example, if you’re good with finances, you might be drawn to administration or the gift of generosity. If your heart immediately goes out to a crying child or an injured pet, your gift might be mercy.

Look for opportunities, inside and outside the church, to develop gifts you think you may have. If your aptitude and enthusiasm grows, you may have found one of your gifts.

Ask Others

Part of being a Christian is helping people in your community experience God. Ask friends and family members how you help them do that. You might be surprised at their answers. Someone might say, “You encourage like Jesus would,” or “You always ask me challenging questions.” Others’ insight may help you find gifts you never thought you had.

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