Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework Without Stress

Homework is probably the aspect of school kids and parents dread the most. Although the National Education Association endorses 10 minutes of homework per day per grade, many kids get more than that. This leaves kids and parents feeling stressed and frustrated, especially since the parents sometimes end up completing the homework. The question then becomes how to help your kid navigate homework from elementary school forward without stress.

Make a Schedule

Kids respond to routine, and if they know when they are expected to do their homework, they are more likely to complete it. Write up a nighttime schedule, and post it on the fridge. The schedule should have slots for dinner, homework, baths and showers, free time, and bedtime routines.

Give Kids Some Control

Ask your children how they want to handle homework. If your child has homework in many subjects per night, he or she can get overwhelmed. Say something like, “Which assignment do you want to do first?” Break up long or difficult assignments. For example, if your child has to do 20 math problems, maybe he or she can do 10 right now, finish another subject’s assignment, and then do the next 10.

Communicate With the Teacher

Many teachers have students write their homework assignments in a book parents sign, but some do not. Understand the teachers’ homework policies and communicate with them as often as you need to about assignments. If your child is unable to complete something because he or she didn’t understand it, write the teacher a note so he or she can provide extra help.

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