When Your Teen Has Doubts About Faith

All Christians go through doubt at some point. This does not mean we do not love God; it simply means we are human. However, doubt can be frightening—especially if you are a parent whose teen is experiencing it. Doubts often mean your teen is thinking seriously about faith, so be open to his or her questions. We have highlighted a few of the ones you might hear.

“How do I know Christianity is real/the right way?”

This is probably one of the first questions teens will ask. By now, they are highly familiar with diversity, including religious diversity. Their friends of other faiths may present some convincing arguments for why Christ was not the Son of God or why Christianity is not the only way to Heaven. Point your teen to verses like John 14:6, but do not regurgitate verse after verse. Instead, encourage them to explore the claims of Christ through books like More Than a Carpenter.

“How do I know the Bible is accurate?”

This is a tricky question because of the various times represented in the Bible. Give your teen historical and archaeological evidence; research this together through books or online. You can also talk about the expert scrutiny of the early church and how many Bible prophecies have come true since creation.

Be patient with the doubts of your teenagers, and remember what it was like when you first began questioning the world. It is a normal part of growth, and it is better that they explore these questions while you are there to guide them.

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