MAY 18-24, 2015
All Spirit-empowered Christians from every nation of the world are implored to join this historic Congress May 18-24, 2015 in Jerusalem the birthplace of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Have an authentic experience with God’s presence that will ignite your faith and change your life forever.

Here Are A Few Exciting Reasons To Join Other Believers For This Congress:
• This is an affordable way to experience Jerusalem and the entire nation of Israel. Packages are available for every budget!
• Sit under the teaching, gifting and anointing of the world’s top Spirit-empowered pastors, leaders and speakers.
• This Congress will be a crowning spiritual moment in your lifetime.
• Experience God’s presence where the Holy Spirit was first imparted to Christians.
• Bask in the history in the Land of the Bible and of the city that has been a centerpiece through the Old and New Testaments.
• Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, King David, the Twelve Disciples and the apostle Paul.
• Jerusalem is not only important in the history of the faith but also in prophecy. Seeing it firsthand is something every believer should experience.
The Jerusalem 2015 Congress host main sessions in the new arena in Jerusalem, which is now under construction and will be completed in 2014. Breakout sessions will be offered on varying subject areas throughout the day. Some of the up to 15 tracks will focus on prophecy, leadership, church planting, and worship arts. These tracks will be held at separate hotels across Jerusalem.