Little Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way

People of faith are encouraged to be kind, but it may seem easier on some days than others. For example, we often find kindness easy during the holidays, but overlook it when the New Year begins. This often happens because we think acts of kindness always have to be big. In reality, you can do small acts of kindness every day.

Affirm Others

Mark Twain once said he could live for six months on a good compliment, and many people feel the same way. Giving a small, meaningful praise to someone in your life brightens his or her entire day. Say something like, “You have wonderful financial skills” to a coworker or “You tell our kids such wonderful stories” to a spouse. This can even be as simple as telling a stranger, “I like your outfit.”

Stay Warm

Winter is in full swing, and people are cold. Homeless people are particularly vulnerable, but often have trouble finding warm clothing after the holidays. Distribute coats, gloves, and hand warmers at your local shelter or soup kitchen. Donate warm clothes as often as you can.

Show Gratitude

Thank the people you encounter every day; your bus driver, the waiter who delivers your lunch, the police officer you encounter on your route to work, and so on. They work hard and often don’t receive much appreciation. Showing them gratitude will also help you feel more charitable throughout the day.

Help an Unemployed Friend

Although the economy is recovering, thousands of Americans remain unemployed. Offer to help a friend find a job, or ask what you can do to help while they look for work. Babysitting, cooking a meal, or walking a pet are all good things you can do.

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