Getting Rid of Excuses to Live a More Faithful Life

Most of us have busy schedules, which make it easy to fall into the trap of skipping Bible study, church, or volunteer opportunities. However, these activities are crucial if faith is going to be a central part of our lives. It’s easy to make excuses for why we don’t do them, but fortunately, it’s also easy to get rid of the excuses and set aside time for faith-nurturing activities.

Follow Jesus’ Example

Jesus gave us a perfect example of what it means to put God first. Throughout His life and ministry, everything He did was for the glory of God. In the Bible, we never see Jesus pursuing worldly ambition in any way, fueling His own pride, or searching for easier paths. In fact, the portrait of Jesus’ faith that we get in the Bible indicates He communed with God most during hardship, suffering, and ultimately His death.

This doesn’t mean our faith can only grow if we’re miserable, but it does mean we should make the effort to think of ourselves less. Submission to God’s will, service to others, and prayer characterized Jesus’ life. Through these things, He remained close to the Father and experienced and anticipated great joy, even if He didn’t express it with singing, dancing, or laughter.

Focus on the Right Reasons

A big reason people make excuses not to grow their faith is that they focus too much on negative outcomes. They tell themselves things like, “It won’t make a difference,” “It takes too long,” or “Other people can do it better.” A better choice would be to ignore the excuses your mind throws at you. Instead, tell yourself positive things such as:

  • God has given me gifts and talents to do certain tasks.
  • I will draw closer to God if I do this.
  • I might learn something new or help someone.
  • I will feel more confident in my faith.

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