Putting Down the Phone: 4 Family Activities to Prioritize in 2016

In today’s world, there are plenty of distractions getting in the way of family time. School, work, extracurricular activities, and especially mobile devices are only a few examples. However, we all need to step away from mobile devices more often so we can reconnect as families. This helps foster good child development and enhances our relationships.

What Activities Should We Do?

familyentertainmentAgain, a big goal is to move your focus away from electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and televisions. The goal is also to help the family relax, quieting their bodies and minds. A few exceptional activities include:

1. Getting outside. Kids are starving for fresh air and play that requires them to move. You don’t have to play a sport or do a workout routine; simply go for a walk or a nature hike. Get children involved in a scavenger hunt for certain leaves, animals, or flowers. Go to a playground or stargaze instead of watching TV.

2. Play a non-electronic game. Board games are a fun choice, as are active games like hide and seek or freeze tag.

3. Read. Take your kids to the library or bookstore, and see which books capture their interest. Discuss what you read as a family.

4. Make chores fun. Make dinner and clear the table together. Challenge kids to a race to see who can clean a room the fastest.

Get Personal

The increased focus on devices means many kids don’t make eye contact or interact physically like they should. Teach your kids to make eye contact and actively listen. Touch your children often – hug them, pat their heads or shoulders, or massage their shoulders. This teaches them that touch is part of love and that their family wants to be close.

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