Get Rid of One of These Health-Busting Habits in 2016

The American diet is quite dependent on sugar, fat, and processed foods. No wonder our energy is drained, we are irritable, and weight is constantly driving us up a wall. However, making lasting changes in this or any other area can be difficult, especially if some family members are committed while others are not. In 2016, get your family on board to ditch one of the following health-busting habits.

Eating Processed Foods

healthbustingMost of us acknowledge that processed foods are unhealthy, but we still eat them more than we should. This is often the fault of busy work days that leave us too tired to cook, but eating healthier carries a myriad of benefits.

When you eat too much of these processed foods, you develop a real addiction that floods your brain with a chemical called dopamine. This increases excitation of your brain’s reward pathways and pleasure center, which means the next time you eat sugar, you’ll need more and more to attain the pleasure level you want. Gradually decrease sugar to avoid the full effects of withdrawal, and replace processed foods with as many healthy choices as possible.

Take a Break from Devices

Recent studies show 30% of adults spend nine or more hours a day using a digital device. This increases their risk for eye strain. While it may not sound like a serious issue, eye strain is a significant vision problem. Take short breaks from your computer or other devices during the day. Make your workspace as conducive to good posture and eye health as you can.

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