When to Give Yourself Some “Me” Time

When most people think of health and wellness, they think about diet and exercise. These are important, but our mental and emotional wellbeing need attention too, especially in our busy world. Family, work, and other responsibilities can easily sap your energy, so it’s crucial to know when to relax. Your body and mind will give you several key signs.

High Anxiety Levels

Anxiety is the first sign you may notice. You might feel unusually jumpy or find yourself snapping at family members or coworkers over inconsequential things. You also might develop a nervous habit or indulge in an existing one more than usual, such as biting your nails. Be careful, as anxiety can develop into panic attacks and physical problems such as headaches or stomachaches.

Increased Negativity

We all feel negative or cynical now and then, but if this is your default state, you may need a break. If you’re reluctant to engage with others or are bottling up resentment, listen to what your emotions are telling you. Take a breather as soon as you can.


Has your supervisor called you in to say your productivity has decreased? Are you turning to fast food instead of cooking the recipes you once loved? Does it take you two weeks to read a book you once read in half that time? Decreased efficiency is a sign that you need a break—and soon.

Poor Eating Habits

Physical health may actually be a sign that something is emotionally wrong. Ask yourself how often you eat sugary, processed foods and where and how you eat your food. Constantly eating in front of the computer, in the car, or standing up is not healthy. Neither is allowing all your meals to come from a vending machine or drive-through. It may be time to take a break and feed your body and mind what they need.

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