Three Great Christian Albums for Kids

When it comes to Christian music for kids, it can be tough to find music that is both creative and scripturally based — not to mention pleasant to listen to for adults, too. There is a wealth of Christian music designed for kids out there, but we have found three albums in particular that check all the boxes and will help instill biblical truths in your little ones from a young age.

Rain for RootsBig Stories for Little Ones
This collection of well-crafted songs is put together by a group of talented singer-songwriters who use their gifts to tell the story of the Gospel from beginning to end in a creative, age appropriate way without sacrificing biblical truth. They are directed towards children, encouraging them that they are safe and loved by God, while telling the stories of the Bible from creation through the ministry of Jesus. Featuring artists like Sandra McCracken and Ellie Holcomb, this album is a must-add to your library. Rain for Roots also has two other records titled The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This and Waiting Songs, which tell the Christmas story.

Slugs and BugsSing the Bible
Created by singer/songwriter Randall Goodgame, this quirky and fun collection of songs helps children learn scripture and the story of the Gospel in a memorable way. The Slugs and Bugs series includes many records, some focused on memorizing scripture, while others more thematic in nature, and some just silly. One record, Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies, features Andrew Peterson, another Christian artist skilled in bringing scripture to life.

JJ HellerI Dream of You
This album is filled with sweet-sounding lullabies for children from Christian singer/songwriter JJ Heller, but it can be listened to any time of day. It’s less focused on scripture memorization and more focused on encouraging and lifting children up from a biblical perspective. These folky tunes bring a soft reassurance to kids that God is in control and they are loved.

Check out these artists for a change in the music you listen to in the car or before bed. You’d be surprised how much biblical truth your kids can soak up!

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