Three Indoor Labor Day Activities for Kids

Labor Day is fast approaching, and as we look toward a long weekend of fun times with family and friends, there’s always the possibility of rain putting a damper on plans. But just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun for the kids. Below are three activities you can try with your kids over the long weekend — that don’t require a swimsuit or sunscreen.

Make a Craft. Labor Day celebrates the economic and social legacy of hard-working people in American culture, so celebrate them by creating puppets from paper bags representing several different careers: policeman, firefighter, construction worker, chef — whoever you want! Draw or cut and paste from magazines to add hats, vests, sashes, and all the necessary components on the front. Then let them put on a puppet show with their creations.

Job Charades. In keeping with the theme, play charades with different career types. Taking suggestions from the kids, write a bunch of job titles on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Then have your children draw a career from the hat and act it out for you, family members, or your other kids. It’s a blast seeing how creative your kids can be!

“What Will I Be When I Grow Up?” Vision Board. Kids love to imagine the kinds of things they will do when they become adults — most notably the job they will have. Take a stack of old magazines, markers and other craft supplies you have on hand to help them create a vision board (using a poster board or simply a piece of construction paper) including all the things they want to be. They can cut out pictures of uniforms or clothes they’ll wear, the tasks they will be doing, the people they will help, even pets they will have — whatever they want to put on it. Let their imaginations run wild.

Be sure to remind your children what we honor on Labor Day and thank the people who serve them each day for their hard work!

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