Using Pokémon GO to Reach Others

Whenever a worldly trend becomes popular, it’s easy for Christians to resent it. It’s natural for us to want God to be more popular than games and TV shows, but that’s not always the case. However, we can use the demand to reach new crowds, so long as the content isn’t harmful.

Pokémon™ GO

Even if you’re not a fan of video games, you’ve probably heard about this mobile application. It’s taken our nation by storm and had more than 30 million players within the first month. The concept is fairly simple: players travel through the real world waiting for virtual creatures, known as Pokémon™, to appear on their phones. Interestingly, many of the most useful real-world stops are churches and other landmarks, which are beneficial to visitors.

Relating to the Community

Playing this game is a great way for kids to become engaged in the community and make new friends. More importantly, it’s a way for Christians to bond with non-religious individuals and show them that living for God is just as fun.

Pokémon™ GO is an awesome way to reach out to your grandchildren or other youth in the church. Chances are they’ll be eager to spend time at churches and other educational stops. Whether you’re playing or not, you can use the time to talk about important topics.

Many church groups have begun hosting community events. They offer snacks, Christian encouragement, and a friendly atmosphere everyone can enjoy. This type of interaction brings everyone closer and makes room for lessons from the Bible, too. Instead of rejecting games and technology, let’s learn to redeem them for the Lord.

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