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Why You Should Have a Pet

Are you on the fence about getting a pet? Consider these benefits as you make your decision!

Having a Pet is Good for Your Heart Health
Did you know that having a pet reduces your stress levels? In fact, it’s scientifically proven that people who have suffered from a heart attack are more likely to experience a full recovery if they have a pet–particularly a dog!

Having a Pet Helps Curb Loneliness
Companionship is important for people of all ages. Having someone who depends on you for their needs and also offers unconditional love in return is a great blessing to have in your life. A pet does need basic care, but also, you may be all they have, and they will love you for it.

Having a Pet Might Cause You to Get More Exercise
This is particularly true dogs, but even owners of other animals often get more exercise in their home than those who do not have pets. The reason for this is that instead of staying sedentary, you’ll be on the move when your pet needs a walk or wants to play!

Having a Pet May Improve Your Social Life
Having a common interest with other people is often a great conversation starter. If you have a cat and find that the new person at church also has a cat, there’s something that you two can talk about together! Who knows how that relationship could blossom out of that a shared love for animals.

Having a Pet Increases Your Capacity for Compassion
When you take care of someone, it allows you to really invest in their lives and also develop a greater level of compassion for them. It is important to be in tune with the feelings of other people and animals and having a pet in your life allows you the opportunity to practice that as you care for the daily needs of your animal.

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