Worn Down From Waiting?

Most Christians think when they embrace Christ, God will send them out on some kind of mission to do His work. It’s true that God has a special purpose for each of us, but sometimes our spiritual journeys involve long waiting periods. Waiting can be connected to anything. You may be waiting for God to send you a job you desperately need, to bring a loved one to salvation, or show you who you should marry. Waiting is often difficult, but there are ways to handle it gracefully.

Remember: You Aren’t Alone

The Bible has plenty of precedence for waiting; in fact, most if not all the people God used waited a long time for their desires at some point. Abraham and Sarah were promised a child when they were relatively young, but Isaac wasn’t born until Sarah was about 90. Genesis’ Joseph was promised great leadership through his dreams, but he languished in prison for years for a crime he didn’t commit. Many prophets waited for God’s next word in undesirable circumstances.

If you’re waiting, take comfort in your company. Tell God how hard waiting is and how bad it feels. Pour out your anger, frustration, and whatever else you feel. He’ll comfort you.

Stay Spiritually Fed

A long, dry waiting period can tempt you not to read and study your Bible, pray, or serve in church. Resist these temptations as much as you can. Spiritual practices will keep you fed and keep your faith strong on days when waiting is especially hard. Meditate on verses that teach how God remembers all His children and gives them their desires if they delight in Him. Pray every day, and find ministries that use your gifts.

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