4 Ways to Inject Prayer Into Your Life

Prayer is a crucial part of our faith walk. We all know it, yet many of us don’t take the time to pray. Sometimes we feel lucky to get mealtime prayers under our belts. It’s easy and fun to inject prayer into your life with the right tips and tools, however.

Use the Senses

Prayer doesn’t have to mean sitting quietly in a chair with your hands folded. In fact, your body and hands can be moving for effective prayer. If you’re praying for a person, touch them as James recommended. If you’re praying for a thing, contact an object (i.e., a textbook for favor on a test). Celebrate Communion at home. Turn on some calm worship music, and pray with it in the background.

Make Prayer Crafts

Many people have a prayer jar or prayer box where they write prayers down and place them until they’re answered. Make and decorate your own prayer vessel. Other prayer crafts include origami cranes and prayer chains (similar to the chains placed on Christmas trees, but with prayers or verses on them).

Use Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are extremely popular right now, and many have religious themes. Pick up one with a theme like Psalms, Scriptural meditations, or nature pictures. Then color, and pray as you do so.

Use an App

Did you know your phone or tablet can help you pray? The Pray! App is an electronic calendar that records prayer needs and reminds you of them throughout the day. Prayer Prompter, another app, will prompt you to pray in specific ways by using words like “worship” or “confession.”

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