Advice for Blended Families

Parenting is difficult in the best of circumstances. Blending families can add to that difficulty because, although they are a blessing, they come with their own set of rules and complications. If you and your partner are engaged or have already blended your family, our advice may help you make sure everyone mixes well.

Be on the Same Page

You might think you can be flexible about chores, homework, or junk food. Yet what one parent considers bending the rules, another might consider a flagrant violation. You, your partner, and any involved exes need to agree on rules that apply with every parent. They can be as general or specific as you need for certain situations.

Be Respectful

If you are the stepparent, you might feel overshadowed by a biological parent. This could cause you to be too lax or strict with the kids or to treat your biological kids differently from stepchildren. Do not do it; kids will notice. Instead, maintain an amicable relationship with all adults, and encourage kids to spend time with their parents as equally as possible.

Do Not Discipline Too Soon

Many experts agree that a stepparent should not try to be the disciplinarian right away, especially with older children. It is best to act in a supportive role when the biological parent disciplines the kids. Over time, you will earn the respect of your stepchildren. Remember that this transition is likely more difficult for the children than for the adults, so practice the patience of Christ during this transitory time.

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