Coping With Vices

If you or a family member struggles with earthly vices, you aren’t alone. We’re only human, and God accepts us for our shortcomings. But if a vice is threatening to tear apart your family, follow God’s word and practice virtue instead.

Whether you’re the one with the harmful vice or it’s a family member, learn what to do from the Bible. “Falling short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) by sinning isn’t the end of the world. God anticipates that we’ll sin throughout our lifetimes. It’s how we repent our sins that makes the difference. Fellowship in hard times can renew a life and soul.

The first step in turning a life of vices into virtues is the desire to change. Without the desire to give up the vice and confess our sins, no real change can occur. The individual must come to the point of recognition and acceptance on his or her own—not by force. The desire to change comes from within. You can inspire the desire for change in others by quoting from John, the Book about sin and repentance.

Suffering with vices is a very personal struggle, filled with tense emotions. Remember that addiction is usually a deep-seeded problem. Seek professional help from a Christian counselor or host an intervention, and show your loved one you understand the struggle of addiction. If you’re struggling with a vice of your own, turn to those who love you in your journey to recovery.

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