Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Most parents think they know the classic signs of a kid needing glasses, such as squinting, headaches, or not being able to see the board at school. In reality, children may not display all these symptoms. Young children especially may not make the connection between feeling uncomfortable and not seeing well. If you suspect your child needs glasses, look for not only the classic symptoms but these other signs.

Poor Coordination

Many parents chalk poor coordination up to a kid being clumsy, and indeed, kids may trip or bump into things more as their limbs grow. However, be vigilant about how often injuries are happening. If you ask your child how he got hurt and he says, “I do not know,” it may be a clue he is getting little injuries so often he cannot keep track.

Reading Problems

Reading is tough for kids who cannot see well. You will probably notice your child holding books or papers close to her face. Be especially cognizant if your child formerly did well in school or if her grades have dropped in a favorite subject.

Eye Exam Signs

Even if you think your child’s vision is healthy, it is imperative to have his or her eyes examined at least once per year. White pupils and red or teary eyes are classic signs your child’s eyes are under strain and need help. Your eye doctor will also be able to tell you whether your child is nearsighted, farsighted, or has another vision problem glasses can correct.

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