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How Christians Can Set a Good Example in the Workplace

In Colossians 3:23, Christians are exhorted to do their work “as if working for the Lord, not for human masters.” This is a great goal, but the truth is our bosses and coworkers aren’t Jesus. They are, instead, human and flawed—sometimes frustratingly so. However, this is all the more reason for Christians to set the best example they can at work. Here are a few ways to do so.

Don’t Participate in Workplace Gossip

Proverbs warns us many times that gossipers separate close friends and betray confidences. Workplace gossip might seem harmless but can land you in trouble—not only with friends, but with your superiors. Resist the urge to repeat anything you aren’t 100% sure is true, and don’t actively spread rumors about other people, even if they’ve done the same to you. If someone is gossiping about a matter that needs clarification, go directly to the source, such as a supervisor.

Be Compassionate

Many of today’s workforce members think compassion indicates weakness or brownnosing. Compassion with the wrong motives can turn into flattery, but sincere compassion is appreciated. Offer to cover for a coworker who’s sick or to help someone struggling with a big project. If someone is rude, do your best to respond with mercy.

Be Diligent

Your work ethic will say plenty about where your values lie and how seriously you take your job. Show up on time, dressed properly, and with a good attitude. Meet your deadlines, and turn in only your best work. Ask for help if you have a problem, and give plenty of notice if you can’t make a deadline or will be late.

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