Potty Training Tips for Parents

Most parents cannot wait for the day when their toddlers are officially out of diapers. If you have spent what feels like decades changing your kid, you might be tempted to plunk him or her on the toilet right now. However, it is best not to start too soon and to tailor your approach to your child. Use our tips to move your toddler one step closer to diaper-less living.

Mechanics Make a Difference

You should approach training differently depending on your child’s sex. Kids are generally ready for potty training between ages 2 and 4, but girls usually train earlier. For a boy, the biggest challenge will be teaching him to aim properly. Doctors recommend teaching boys to urinate while sitting first and using disposable targets to work on their aim.

Look for Signs That Your Child Is Ready

Children let you know when they are ready to be potty trained. Your child might come to you and ask to be changed out of a wet or dirty diaper. He or she may slip away to a private place when about to use the bathroom. Your child might also show curiosity regarding what grownups do in the bathroom. The same-sex parent can begin taking the child into the restroom and setting an example.

Stay on Schedule

Many parents recommend beginning the training process over a weekend. That way, you are freer to place your child on the potty every hour and time when he or she usually goes. Additionally, you will be free to spend time in the bathroom, teaching your child all the points of potty training.

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