Pray for Las Vegas

The GEB America family joins with the rest of the country to mourn the innocent lives lost at the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas. As we have all learned, a disturbed gunman open fired on a crowd of concert goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the evening of Sunday, October 1. With more than 50 dead and some sources saying over 500 injured, it is the worst massacre that has happened in modern American history.

It is hard to process a tragedy like this. The loss of one life is never easy, but when loss of life happens on this scale and with such violence, it makes it that much more difficult. As believers, we know that each life is precious to God and seeing something like this is particularly painful when we value life so highly.

If you’re in or near the Las Vegas area, officials are asking for blood donations. However, whether you are in the area or not, as we know, prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do in times of tragedy.

Consider praying about the Las Vegas Shooting in these ways:

Pray for Peace and Healing for the Victims and their Families
It’s unimaginable to think that a loved one–a parent, a child, a sister, or a brother–would go to a concert to see their favorite artists live and then never come home. Pray that the families of the victims who died in this tragedy are surrounded by the love of Jesus. Pray that if they do not know him that they would somehow be comforted by God’s all encompassing love. Pray that they can come to find peace.

For those who have been wounded and are still living, pray for their lives. Pray for the doctors, nurses, and everyone else that will impact their care. Pray for their families to remain strong. Pray that God blesses them with peace and courage to keep fighting and to regain a normal life. Pray that they would know Jesus and see him as they walk through their recovery.

Pray for the Isolated and Hurting
While at this point we do not know much about the man who caused so much devastation and pain, it is likely that he was hurting deeply. We know that hurt people hurt other people. While most people who are deal with extreme pain, mental health issues, or emotional crisis would never carry out an assault like this, these are often precursors to extreme behavior. Pray for those who fall into one of those categories. Pray that they feel loved by Jesus and those around them. Pray that they would know that their lives, and all lives, are precious.

Pray for the Lord to Reveal Opportunities For You to Help
As events unfold, be looking for opportunities to help both in Las Vegas and in your local community. Perhaps there is something that can be done in the future to prevent tragedies like this one. Ask God to reveal those opportunities to you and move when you feel called.

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