Explaining Other Faiths to Your Children

Many Christian parents find discussing other religions a challenging topic, especially with young children who aren’t ready to tackle all the ins and outs of faith. However, your children will remain curious, so it’s best to know how to approach this topic now. Here are some of our best tips for a good conversation about different faiths.

Ask What They Know

This will vary depending on age. Some kids may have only heard the name of a different religion or heard people talk about worshipping a different God. Others may know some basic tenets of other faiths such as Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism. When children are middle school age, their teachers may bring up religions as part of social studies class.

Start by asking your kids what they know and what they think about it. Then, explain why your family believes as you do rather than embracing other beliefs. Keep the focus on your personal choice and who you believe God is, as well as why. For example, “We choose to believe in Jesus because He is a God who died for us.”

Be Positive

Avoid putting down someone else’s religion and explain the positives of Christianity, rather than the negatives of other faiths as well as their similarities. For example, say, “We are Christian and Hakim’s family is Muslim, but they go to mosque just like we go to church. Their holy book is the Koran and ours is the Bible.” Encourage children to focus on the positive aspects of religion, such as holiday celebrations that can include everyone.

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