How Christians Can Cope With Eating Disorders

Estimates tell us that between 1 and 4% of women have suffered or will suffer from anorexia nervosa in their lifetime. Up to 4% may suffer from bulimia, and only 6% of practicing bulimics ever seek treatment. The statistics for males are often elusive, but disorders are prevalent among boys and men as well. Coping with an eating disorder can be excruciating. If you have an eating disorder, you can still function as a strong Christian and a strong person.

Bask in God’s Love

Some churches consider eating disorders sinful. Whether your church does or not, it can be easy to think you have somehow let God down. If you feel you need forgiveness, ask Him; He’ll readily give it. Ask God to help you heal and comfort you. Find a Christian counselor or a clergy member willing to help you cope with your disorder and hold you accountable. Do things that remind you of God’s love, such as reading or memorizing treasured verses or singing favorite praise songs or hymns.

Talk It Out

An eating disorder is an isolating experience. Even in recovery, you can feel alone. Find people to talk to who understand your condition and emotions. Keep in regular contact with them, either face to face or online. If you can’t talk to people right away, try talking to a pet or journaling.

Focus on Other Things

When you have an eating disorder, food and calories rule your life. It can be difficult to start thinking about normal things again. One way to do this is to re-involve yourself in activities that were once your passion. If you once loved to write, buy a new notebook and get started. If you played sports, find a recreational team nearby.

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